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Does your house need a facelift?

We specialize in:

•  Upgrading home exteriors with new stucco and banding
•  Rusty galvanized band repair and removal, replaced with plastic bands to prevent future problems
•  Adding coins and banding to existing windows, doors, garages, roof-lines, etc...
•  Textured Stucco - Spanish lace, dash, sand finish, etc...
•  Stucco repair:  cracks, buldging, separation, etc...
Just give us a call and we will provide a free estimate.  Guaranteed quality workmanship.  PHONE - (727) 565-6602
Certified Residential Contractor - LICENSE # CRC1327256
We are a full service company who prides itself in offering the best service for your stucco and painting needs. 
wire lathe separation
coin look, process
banding process
banding process
coin look, process
Banding added to windows, doors, garages, and eaves to update your home.
Damage from wire lathe separation from a wall.  Usually, you will see bludging and cracks.
Coin Look can be applied to new or existing structures.
rusted bands
Does this look familiar?  We can replace rusted bands with plastic.  No more rust.
Or email us at wmftinc@yahoo.com.  Expect a timely response within 24 hours.
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